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# Название диска Дата записи
1Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia1999-04-22
2Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia1999-04-22
3Pong Pong's Learning Adventure: The Lost World2001-01-22
4Wizardry 82001-11-20
6Army Men RTS2002-06-11
7Neighbours from Hell2003-09-09
8Railroad Pioneer2003-11-24
9Singles: Flirt Up Your Life! (расширенное издание)2004-04-12
10Singles: Flirt Up Your Life!2004-04-20
11Far Cry2004-04-23
12Far Cry2004-04-23
13Robin Hood: Forest Adventures2004-05-17
14Beyond Good & Evil2004-05-21
15Beyond Divinity2004-07-20
16White Heart Baekgu 32004-08-30
17Richard Burns Rally2004-10-06
1818 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal2004-10-21
1918 Wheels of Steel: Across America2004-10-21
20Playboy: The Mansion2005-04-22
21Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 302005-05-03
22Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 302005-05-06
23Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 302005-05-23
25Электронный Ди-Джей Dance Collection (программа)2005-08-09
26World War Zero: Iron Storm2005-08-29
28Myst V: End of Ages2005-10-11
29MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology2005-11-09
30Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood2005-11-16
3118 Wheels of Steel: Convoy2005-12-27
32Evil Dead: Regeneration2006-03-21
33Evil Dead: Regeneration2006-03-21
34Evil Dead: Regeneration2006-03-21
37Sniper Elite2006-06-14
38FlatOut 22006-06-19
39TOCA Race Driver 32006-07-11
40True Crime: New York City2006-07-26
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